Hey Kid — Ataris

this is the greatest song in the world, by the greatest band in the world....the inrto and verse is the 
as the chorus...if you listen to the song, im sure you'll get it..the progression is the same, but the 
changes, the intro, and verse is kinda tricky...try to P.M down stroke and open up stroke..yeah...snif...the bass is pretty much the same progression....theres a second guitar part..ill get around to it later any 
me ddercktcobll@aol.com .....im awesome......

d:--5-----7--x4--9--x4-5---4-- |-5------7-x4-2-------5----4-----|

i wait for the day to come when ill wake up and be a star
i dream of a different world...somewhere where we will go far
i bitch about my life, i bitch about the scene...
i hate this fucking town and wish that it was all a dream......
just as long as i act cool then people will suck up to me
they wont realize that im a fake and thats what im always going to be
a dreamer and a kid, who changes every day
someone who has to talk, when he's got nothing to say
hey kid it's a great big world, out there that you think you need to see
hey kid go on and live that life, but live it w/ out me!!
bitch, bitch, bitch!...thats all you ever do
bitch, bitch, bitch!...your ego will destroy you
bitch, bitch, bitch!...thats all i have to say
bitch, bitch, bitch!...now ill just fade away
bitch, bitch, bitch!...thats all you ever do
bitch, bitch, bitch!...no ones more punk than you
bitch, bitch, bitch!...your life is just a trend
bitch, bitch, bitch!...we'll see who's happy in the end 

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