Queen She Makes Me
				SHE MAKES ME (Stormtropper in Stilettoes)
 [Brian May/Queen.  from the albumn _Sheer Heart Attack_.]
      I find that the secret to this tune is getting the D A
 changes for the verses and intro right.  Very difficult to write
 out for someone who knows zip about rhythm theory; this is an
 approximation, not a subsitute for learning by listening.  The D
 is strummed with fairly fast up-and-down strokes; the A is
 basically just downstrokes.  When the verse switches chords, play
 the C in the rhythm as the A, the G like the D.  Clear as mud?:-)
      The D** in the chorus includes a run on the B string. 
 Starting from the D chord:  3, 2, 0, 0/2/3, with the last three
 in quick succession.  Other chords:  Dm7 = xx0211, C#7 = x4342x.
      As the words are simple, they really need to be sung in the
 right spirit - something between sombre and tortuous (?!).  
 Intro:    D A   D A   D A   D A
 D A     D A    D A        D A
 I love,          she makes me
 D          A    D A   D           C   
  She is my heart        she is my love
 G          A    D A   D A
  She is my love
 D   A   D A   D          A        D A    
  I know,       I`m jealous of her
 D             A    D A  D           C
  She makes me need,       she is my love 
 G          A    D A E7
  She is my love
      A         E           A            D**
      Who knows who`ll she make me, as I lie in her cocoon?
              A          C#7    F#m     B7
      And the world will surely heal my ills
          D                                A
      I`m warm and terrified, she makes me so
 I know, the day I leave her
 I`ll love her still, she is my love
           A    E7
 she is my love
 [Chorus music:]
      Who knows where my dreams will end
      I`ll follow as they go
      But the world will know how long I take
      And if I`m very slow, she makes me so.
 D A   D A
 D           C     C C C
   She is my love  
 C           Dm7
   She is my love    (ad lib, fade)
 submitted by:
 Ted Hermary

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